Competence development

Competence development has the goal

  • Strengthen strengths
  • to leverage potential for improvement
  • Weaknesses to weaken

Through future-oriented competence development, employees and managers at all levels are prepared to master current and future tasks.

There are many ways to develop competencies. These range from training, coaching, e-learning, self-coaching packages, literature to competence development with the help of AR/VR technologies.

The starting point for competence development is the potential analysis as a form of competence diagnostics in order to identify strengths as well as potential for improvement and thus create the basis for targeted competence development.

The 4 essential steps of competence development are:

  • Define function-specific competencies relevant to success
  • Accurately diagnose or evaluate competencies
  • Targeted recommendation for competence [further] development
  • Carry out individually tailored competence development

Potential analysis as the basis for competence development

Potential analysis as a form of competence diagnostics provides the basis for an accurate and targeted development of competencies.

The managementcube | potential analysis is based on the managementcube competence systems for employees and managers.


Program development holistic and systematic competence development

Strategic competence development - from potential analysis to development and success monitoring - is an essential factor for long-term corporate success.

The aim is to develop a holistic, competency-based development system for employees and managers at all levels.


The leadership simulation game "Leading in Practice" is a special form of leadership and management competence development. There are no individual exercises and role plays, but here the participants experience and are in [simulated] reality.



Coaching as a targeted form of competence development is ideally suited to work on or reflect on specific topics.



managementPRAXIS heißt, aus der PRAXIS für die PRAXIS

Die managementpraxis-Buchserie wird mit 2024 neu gestaltet und basiert auf den managementcube | Kompetenzmodell für Führungskräfte und behandelt alle erfolgsrelevanten Führungs- und Managemementkompetenzen | praxisnah und kompakt