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Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftspsychologie
und Organisationsdynamik

Society for Business Psychology
and Organisational Dynamics



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Digital Transformation | Digital Competences

Our world has become challenging and exciting. The change is no longer continuous, manageable and controllable, as before, but the development processes are comprehensive and simultaneous.

Digitization and networking permeate production and service areas. With the keyword "Industry 4.0", production processes are networked and innovative business models are developed. Tablets, VR, AR, "robots as colleagues" ... are becoming natural tools in production, maintenance and many other areas, such as screwdrivers and PCs are nowadays.                         

The importance of talent and competence management as well as the development of the organization as an overall system is increasing. “Digitization” should be viewed primarily as “psychological”. "Digital" is "analog" - in other words: in times of change, it is important to "take along" employees and managers, to take away fears and to offer orientation and support.


The proactive development of the organization and the employees as well as the managers has become a strategic success factor.

Our products and services in the "digital world“

•    Digital transformation |Leading and managing transformation processes "| Business game 4.0

•    Digital competence | Talent and competence management

•    Digital competence | Competence diagnostics



Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftspsychologie und Organisationsdynamik international

Making companies worldwide even more successful by accurately selecting employees and managers


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Business Psychology

Talentmanagement | Competence Management |

Personal and Competence Development | Executive Development

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Organisational Dynamics

Organisational development | Change Management |

Corporate ethics and value-based organisation | Knowledge Management

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Personnel Diagnostics

Aptitude Diagnostics | Selection Procedure | Personnel Selection |

Test Diagnostics | Competence Diagnostics

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Work Psychology

Evaluation of Psychological Strains at Work | Employee Satisfaction |

Working Atmosphere | Conflicts at Work


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11111 days Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftspsychologie und Organisationsdynamik

Since the founding of Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftspsychologie und Organisationsdynamik on March 31st 1988, our thinking and acting has only one objective - YOUR SUCCESS.

We are proud and grateful of having assisted a huge number of managers, employees and organisations and contributed to their success during the last 11111 days.

DIGITAL you can get an overview about our consultancy services.

ANALOG and LIVE we would gladly present you our tailor-made concepts and solutions for your company in a personal discussion.

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