Talent Management

Talent management means finding, selecting, integrating and developing talent.

The goal of every organization is to ensure its own long-term performance.

Success factors are

  • Doing the Right Thing Right [Effectiveness & Efficiency].
  • Maintain and promote the commitment of all [people in the company].
  • Ensuring all company-relevant competencies at all levels - talent and competence management
    • the "right" people
    • in the "right" place
    • at the "right" time
    • in the "right" quantity

We see talent management as part of a holistic management system. This is based on the vision, mission, guiding principles and goals of an organization or the company.

Talent and competence management aims to ensure company-relevant competencies at all levels.

Central questions of talent and competence management are

  • What competencies do we need to succeed today and in the future?
  • Where are our employees and managers today?
  • How can we develop the competencies of our employees and managers?
  • How do we secure and retain competence in the company?

Competences and competence model

Competencies are the "oil of the future". "Which competencies are relevant today and in the future in order to be successful as an organization?" is the central question of competence management. The basis of all processes and tasks of talent management are defined competencies, which are subsequently combined in a competency model.


Digital competencies

Our world has become challenging and exciting. Development processes are comprehensive, simultaneous, fast - a dynamization of our world. Digitalization and networking permeate production and service areas. Under the keyword "Industry 4.0", production processes are networked and innovative business models are developed.


Function descriptions

Based on the competency model, function descriptions form the essential component of qualitative personnel planning. The aim is to ensure the relevant competencies for all functions in the company.


Knowledge Management

Our world is developing into a knowledge society as a result of the networking of all areas of life, digitalization and the dynamics of the economy and working environments. The result of this knowledge and innovation-oriented environment is that the knowledge capital available in the company is becoming the decisive production and success factor.



The world of talent and competence management in a clear and application-oriented form can be found in the book of the same name.