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Confidentiality is the highest principle of our company. We also live up to this principle when publishing references. Therefore, we refrain from naming our nationally and internationally known and successful client companies, which we have been privileged to accompany for years.

We use symbol photos in part to maintain confidentiality with our customers.

Public administration

  • States
  • Cities and municipalities
  • Federal Ministries
  • Chambers and interest groups

Construction | Construction trades

  • Authorities at state and municipal level
  • Companies in the construction and ancillary construction trades
  • Planning, construction, maintenance
  • Facility Management
  • Electrical and building services

Mobility | Traffic

  • Transport authorities at federal, state and municipal level
  • Traffic planning
  • Construction, maintenance
  • Road and bridge construction
  • Public transport
  • Active mobility


  • Health and hospital associations
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Rescue Organizations
  • Health authorities at the federal, state and local levels
  • Therapy and practice facilities
  • Training centers in the health sector
  • Chamber organizations

Trade and logistics

  • Wholesale and retail
  • Export company
  • Company in the field of e-commerce
  • Logistics company

Public services

  • Energy generation and distribution
  • Telecommunications
  • Garbage collection
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Public lighting
  • Public transport

Financial Services

  • Banks
  • Insurances
  • Training Academies

Leisure Industry | Tourism

  • Culture
  • Museums
  • Theater facilities
  • Leisure Industry
  • Tourism

Project examples

Public administration

  • Design, support and implementation of more than 150 change and organizational development projects
  • Implementation of
    • Target management
    • Talent and competence management
    • Knowledge Management
  • Design and implementation of objective selection procedures | competence diagnostics
  • Design and implementation of organization-specific training programs and development measures for managers and employees at all levels

Construction | Construction trades

  • Leadership and management competence development at the levels of construction, assembly and project managers, foremen and foremen's supervisors
  • Projects for the development and implementation of new tendering procedures, e.g. for alliance models
  • Management audits in the selection of project partners [e.g. planning services, ÖBA local construction supervision, etc.].

Public services

  • Selection and competence diagnostics of internal and external applicants at all levels
  • Support of change and transformation processes
  • Leadership development

Trade and logistics

  • Competence diagnostics for apprentices, trainees, executives and junior executives, professionals and experts
  • Personality and competence development for employees and managers
  • Coaching of managers at all levels

Case studies

Competence diagnostics

The initial situation

Our client - a group with more than 100 subsidiaries and affiliates - wants to put the management assessment of existing top executives of the 1st and 2nd level as well as the staffing of management boards on a new footing.
The classic procedures carried out to date, such as hearings, interviews and references, were only crowned with limited success.

The challenge

The selection of top executives is a great challenge: They are often only attacked with "ice gloves" and partly do not want to be confronted with well-founded management diagnostic instruments themselves: "My experience, is documented by the CV, period!"; intensive procedures lasting several hours are viewed very critically.

The competence diagnostics | solution

  • Implementation of Center of Excellence - a 6-8 hour management audit by reviewing all management and leadership competencies at the highest level.
  • In a realistic office infrastructure, the leadership and management practice of a top executive is simulated; challenging tasks are to be solved together with the "executives and employees"; challenging conflict situations are to be mastered at various levels.

The result

  • Increase in reappointment of managing directors and no premature termination of management contracts
  • High-quality, comprehensive results across all position-specific key competencies.
  • Recommendation for the targeted further development of management and leadership skills among existing managers

Staying in the lead | Leadership development

The initial situation
Our client - a corporation with numerous group companies - would like to "swear in" the managers to the new management culture in the course of corporate development.

The challenge
Managers have already completed some training and seminars and are therefore skeptical about further training.
Open feedback and learning culture as well as cross-departmental cooperation are only partially developed; internal management training with role simulations and feedbacks are therefore viewed critically.

The concept | solution

  • Development of a 2-day leadership behavior simulation tailored to the needs of the Group
  • An entire company with its board of directors, management, executives, works council, customers, suppliers, partner, sister and subsidiary organizations, etc. is simulated in a practical manner in a complete company infrastructure.
  • In several simulation rounds, numerous company-specific tasks have to be mastered under the most difficult conditions and stressful conflict situations
  • After each simulation round, the entire process is analyzed in a feedback session lasting several hours

The result

  • Successful implementation of more than 20 leadership behavioral simulation games with all managers
  • Highest acceptance by all executives - 98% of the executives are very satisfied with the quality as well as the practical and implementation orientation [measurement after 6 months!]

Industry | Transformation | Production

The initial situation

Our client - a successful production company with an international background - is facing the challenge of reorganizing its entire production.
Topics such as demand management, just in time, predictive maintenance, lean management, digitalization and automation are revolutionizing all planning and manufacturing processes.

The challenge

  • Technological innovation means that the job-relevant skills of employees at all levels are changing massively
  • In the next 5 years, 40% will retire - opportunity and risk

The transformation process

  • We accompany the process for 3 years from planning to implementation at all levels. This covers all areas from target and planning processes to process management, resource and working time management, quality and talent management as well as the further development of the corporate and team culture.
  • Development and implementation of the new organizational and operational structure
  • Development and definition of all company-relevant competencies and functional descriptions
  • Competency target/actual comparison of all existing employees and managers to determine training needs
  • Search and selection of new employees
  • Implementation of competence management - targeted competence development at all levels

The result

  • Increase efficiency - increase productivity
  • Sustainable safeguarding of the location by increasing competitiveness