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Work Psychology

Prevention |  Problem Solving

High requirements faced by staff, stress, performance pressure, permanent availability, competition within the company and on the markets, these are the factors shaping our working world.
Excessive demand, stress, anxiety disorders, burnout, inner resignation, conflicts at work, lacking [cross-functional] teamwork, but also bullying, discrimination, … may be the consequences.

Work psychology aims at creating optimum framework conditions to avoid such conflicts from arising within the company [PREVENTION] and/or solving acute problems with lasting effect [PROBLEM SOLVING].

Companies are communities of purpose, where it is material to harmonise the three orientations (company orientation - staff orientation - customer orientation). Work psychology must provide support in the course of creating this harmony. Biased views result in demotivation due to non-fulfilment of expectations and thus failure. 


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Evaluation of Psychological Strains at Work

Evaluation is an on-going process, where psychological strains at work are systematically identified and evaluated and measures are derived from them

Our services
Preparation | identification and evaluation of psychological strains | derivation and prioritisation of measures |support in the course of implementing measures.

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Team Building and Team Development

Team development means to create framework conditions in order that the team members [can] use their competences independently for the organisation's success

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Actively supporting teams in the course of their [further] development and making them successful.

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Organising Work in line with the Employees' Phase of Life

Due to the increase in retirement age and the demographic development, older employees will be a company's strategic competitive factor in the future

Our services
Developing and implementing tailored programmes aiming at organising framework conditions within the company in line with the employees' phase of life.

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Conflicts at Work
CCT | Coaching – Consulting – Training

Our tried and tested conflict solution programmes ensure sound processes in terms of work psychology and
labour law in situations, where managers reach their limits

Our services
Tailored procedures in order to ensure sound conflict solution processes in terms of work psychology and labour law.

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Inappropriate Work Loads and Work-related Disorders | Burnout – Stress – Excessive Demand

Stress | burnout | … appear frequently and even when treated partly in an inflationary way, these symptoms have to be taken seriously in case of both prevention and emergency care

Our services
Company-specific prevention programmes and tried and tested methods in emergency cases.

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Inner Resignation

Our services
Re-implacement - the coaching and training programme for inner resignation aims at completely "reintegrating" employees into the organisation.

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Employee Survey | Working Atmosphere | Employee Satisfaction | 360° Feedback

Interviewing staff and executives is a central element of strategic management.

Our services
Company-specific interviews