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Personnel Diagnostics

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The "right" quantity of "right" persons on the "right" place at the "right" time, these are the objectives of human resources development. Personnel and aptitude diagnostics are used as a starting point and play a key role.   

Each selection carries the risk to take the wrong decision. Badly assigned positions might cause frictions within the company, image loss and [financial] damages and entail, in any case, additional costs for new search and selection, which can fast run up to 5-digit amounts. On the other hand, errors made during the potential analysis may prevent talents to be identified within the company.

The combination of instruments, such as test and assessment systems, hearings, structured depth interviews, assessment centers, centers of competence, centers of excellence, ... minimize the risk in the course of personnel selection.

The objective is to assess all relevant, personal, professional, social-communicative competences, conformity to corporate culture of attitudes as well as personality of staff and executives.

Competence diagnostics is particularly focused on potential analysis of [junior] executives as well as competence analysis in the course of professional and expert career. The aim is to recognize strengths, rooms for improvement and development

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 4 2 1 managementcube Test Assessment SystemEN  

managementcube | Test und Assessment System

The precise test system when selecting employees and managers and analysing their potential.
managementcube reviews all company-relevant competences [personality | abilities | knowledge | performance | application in practice], is tried and tested, provides high quality and assesses strengths, rooms for improvement, deficits and limits.
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 4 2 2 managementcube Potentialanalyse FuehrungskraefteEN  

managementcube | Potential Analysis for Executives

managementcube | Potential Analysis for Executives is a multi-stage procedure for assessing leadership and management competences on the basis of comprehensive competence models used worldwide.

During this analysis, the following methods are applied:
Structured depth interview | assessment elements | simulations | managementcube | test and assessment system

 4 2 3 managementcube Potentialanalyse NFK EN  

managementcube  | Potential Analysis for Junior Executives 

managementcube | Potential Analysis for Junior Executives is particularly focused on assessing the leadership potential of employees. 
During this individual procedure, the following well-founded methods are applied: Structured depth interview | assessment elements | simulations | managementcube | test and assessment system

 4 2 4 EN  

managementcube  | Potential and Competence Analysis for Employees

This potential analysis aims at reviewing relevant competences for functions at junior / professional / senior / expert levels. All company-relevant personal, methodical, special, transversal and professional competences are reviewed by means of specific, high-quality analysis instruments [structured professional and depth interviews, simulations, test and assessment systems, …].

 4 2 5 EN  

managementcube  | Personnel Selection Procedures for Apprentices | School Graduates | AZUBIs

managementcube | Personnel selection procedure for Apprentices | School Graduates | AZUBIs was designed particularly for this target group. Relevant competences, such as learning ability and learning spirit, performance motivation, sound school education as well as job-relevant abilities and skills are reviewed by means of tests and assessment systems resistant against distortion.

 4 2 6 EN  

managementcube | Hearing

Hearing is meant to be a selection procedure held by a board and has proved positive in practice as instrument for taking the final decision in the course of selecting persons for executive or expert functions.




 4 2 7 produkt EN2  

managementcube  | Center of Competence | Assessment Center  - company-specific Group Solution

The Center of Competence [CoC] is a qualitative advancement of the classical Assessment Center. The CoC is a group solution and is tailored according to your individual requirements and/or company.

 4 2 8 gross EN2  

managementcube  | Center of Excellence | Fit and Proper

In the course of the Center of Excellence [CoE], leadership and management potential of existing executives is reviewed in an optimum way.  During the CoE, an overall company including management, works council, staff, executive colleagues, customers, suppliers, ... is simulated in a realistic environmen.

 4 2 11 ASYL produkt EN  

managementcube  | Competence Evaluation | Competence Check-up – Asylum – Migration

In the course of managementcube | Competence Evaluation, all relevant competences, such as  abilities, knowledge and personality, are evaluated on the basis of comprehensive competence models used worldwide. Testing can be carried out in the respective mother tongue and is therefore a fair competence evaluation in terms of language and ensures the quality of the results.

 4 2 12 gross EN  

managementcube | Audit

The Management Audit was developed particularly for evaluating existing executives in the course of mergers, business acquisitions, due diligence or as bench-marking for reviewing management competence. The procedure will be adapted according to company-specific needs.