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Organisational Dynamics


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Our world is [has become] challenging, demanding and exciting.  Change is not continual, clear and controllable anymore, as it was in former times, but the development processes are comprehensive, simultaneous, fast, unclear and radical - our world has become more dynamic.

Increasing complexity, highest speed, terabytes of information, technological innovations, people demand more active participation, half-life of knowledge has been permanently revised downwards, ... these facts are not utopian, but have become reality in daily business routine.

A lot of traditional truths have been replaced by this reality.

The proactive development of the organisation has turned into a strategic factor for the success of an enterprise.

But classical organisational concepts increasingly have reached their limits, new management concepts have outlived themselves to some extent, they turn out to be "old wine in new skins" or initiated reorganisation measures are endless or ineffective.

Experience has shown that many companies are in permanent change processes; ink for printing the concepts has just started to dry up, when these are thrown overboard, because a new management philosophy promises the sustainable success. The organisation and their members hardly have a chance to "understand the system of the game", the system is not able to work within the company, the organisation is more focused on itself. Newly developed papers define interfaces, dissociation and core competences are discussed [endlessly], ... The majority of the energy is worn off without effect. Commitment and motivation of the staff is decreasing.






Our principles for actively designing organisational dynamics


But how can organisational dynamics be actively shaped? What are the principles to be observed?


A company's long-term success is based on the three "e"  - effectiveness | efficiency | engagement.

Developing an effective  ["Doing the right things"] – and efficient – ["Doing the things correctly"] organisation and providing framework conditions, where staff [can]engage in bringing in their performance ["sense and fun"]. 


Organisational development including its contents and using methods and instruments, is so divers as the organisations themselves.



When a company/organisation forgets their pasts, they have no future.

The development of an organisation must be aligned on their history and the company's framework conditions; enforcing a new, promising organisational form and corporate philosophy can only be doomed to fail.



Tradition does not mean to pick up the ashes, but to pass on the flame

On the other hand, holding on to the past and sticking with existing practices, will not be a successful concept for the future.



Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Organisation, processes, principles and guidelines, ... will only be implemented in the company and sustainably "lived" by the staff, if complexities are reduced and "complicatedness" is avoided. This however does not mean that in this way the world would be simplified.  


Turning AFfected personnel into PArticipating and COoperating staff

An organisational development process that does not manage to motivate staff to be cooperative and to participate actively, will fail.

We consider active organisational dynamics to be an integrative process that can only be implemented in the course of a comprehensive approach.




Our services and products


5 2 1 Ziel und Strategie Donaubruecke23 EN


Objective and strategy development

Objective definition, environment analysis, analysis of own strength and room for improvement, strategy definition, derivation and implementation of strategic measures at all levels.

Our services: Company-specific, tailored objective and strategy development

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Organisational dynamics | Change management

Our services: We consider the proactive development of an organisation to be an integrative process that is implemented in the course of a comprehensive approach.

Organisational development processes aim at long-term success and base on the pillars - effectiveness - efficiency - engagement.

5 2 3 Wissensmanagement EN  

Knowledge management

Information can be documented – Knowledge emerges in the people's minds.

Our services:  Our knowledge management includes networking people and linking up documents. Our company's core competence is to assist the development and implementation of knowledge management.

5 2 4 Zielmanagement EN  

Management by Objectives

Management by objectives [MbO] systematically focuses all activities on the defined corporate objectives.

Our services: Developing and implementing a management by objectives system | assisting the consequent implementation at all levels | providing tried and tested instruments | creating awareness of staff and executives.

G 5 2 5 IMS titel2 EN  

Integrated management system

Integrated management system includes all elements of modern management and joins them to an integrative overall system.

Our services: Assisting the development, joining, coordinating the single instruments and implementing the integrated management system.

5 2 6 Korruption EN  

Ethics management

Ethics management |Code of conduct | corporate governance | compliance

Our services: Assisting tailored projects for developing and implementing at all levels of the company | process of creating awareness and trainings for executives and staff

5 2 7 Leitbild EN  

Corporate culture | statement mission development

The corporate mission statement is the set of company-related values, standards and approach that make impact on the behaviour of the staff and the internal and external appearance.

Our services: Assisting the development and roll-out of tailored mission statement projects and implementing them at all levels of your company

5 2 8 Orgaananalyse EN  

Organisational analysis | organisational diagnosis

A well-founded organisational analysis is the basis of successful strategy and organisational analysis projects.

Our services: Completely assisting projects for analysing customer satisfaction | suppliers |internal management and quality systems …