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Economic Psychology

Since the 1970s, management has focused on the human being and their [further] development.

Although challenges and thus requirements have been subject to change, topics and tasks have still remained the same.

Talent management | competence management | human resources development | personal development | competence development | executive development

Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftspsychologie und Organisationsdynamik [translated – Society for Economic Psychology and Organisational Dynamics] – the topics business psychology and organisational dynamics are not only embedded in our name, but also included in our 4 core competences   


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Talentmanagement | Competence Management | Human Resources

The "right" quantity of | "right" persons | on the "right" place | at the "right" time , these are the objectives of successful human resources development.

Our services
Development and introduction of company-specific instruments with respect to human resources planning | human resources selection | potential analysis | staff appraisal interview | integration of new employees | salary and working time management 

 3 2 2 PEKE fuer MA EN  

Personal and Competence Development for Employees


Our services
Internal, company-specific trainings for employees regarding team building |conflict management | success-oriented conversation | convincing argumentation | self-management | integrative personality development | …

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Executive Development | Executive Training

 "Remaining in Lead" for existing executives and "Taking the Lead" for junior executives, these are internal trainings for developing management and leadership skills and are individually tailored for your company-specific requirements

 3 2 4 Coaching 2 EN  

Executive Development | Coaching

Our services
Coaching for reflecting the own leadership in case of current topics and conflict situations regarding management | change management | conflict solving strategies | …

 3 2 5 Fuehren in der PraxisEN  

Leadership in practice | Develop your leadership quality under hardest management simulation conditions


Leadership in practice is conceived as simulation game for leadership behaviour and offered as open workshop or internal event. There are no fictitious exercises and role plays, but you experience and go through absolutely real scenarios.