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The challenges

Our world has become challenging and exciting. Change is no longer continuous, manageable and controllable, as it used to be, but the development processes are comprehensive, simultaneous, fast and radical - a dynamization of our world.

Increasing complexity, top speed, peta-byte of information, growing demand for people to be involved, technological innovations, the half-life of knowledge that is constantly being revised downwards ... are not utopia, but a reality in everyday business life.

Digitization and networking permeate production and service areas. With the keyword "Industry 4.0", production processes are networked and innovative business models are developed. Tablets, VR, AR, "robots as colleagues" ... are becoming natural tools in production, maintenance and many other areas, such as screwdrivers and PCs are nowadays.

Classic organizational concepts are increasingly reaching their limits, and jobs and the work itself are changing massively.

With this reality many traditional truths have outlived themselves. For many companies, transformation is not a question of competition, but a question of survival.

The challenge is to secure what already exists and at the same time prepare for something new and innovative.

The proactive development of the organization has become a strategic success factor.






Digital transformation | Leading and managing transformation processes”| business game 4.0


The digital transformation


  • Change means to leave the known, the existing, the tried and tested, to abandon a successful path or at least to question it

  • The existing gives security, creates trust, runs automatically

  • “Freeing change from taboos“| anticipate | shape change, innovation strategically



Digital transformation | business game 4.0


  • Digital transformation | Leading and managing transformation processes ”was conceived as a business game 4.0; it simulates an entire company or an organizational unit in a complete [office] infrastructure in a practical manner

  • In several "simulation rounds" numerous company-specific tasks, transformation processes, ... have to be processed.

  • The tasks have to be handled under the most difficult conditions and conflict situations  

  • After each simulation round, the entire process is analyzed in an intensive feedback process

  • There are no staged individual exercises and role plays, here the participants experience and are in absolute reality

  • The business game 4.0 is tailored to the respective needs and requirements of the company

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Digital competences | Talent and competence management

The aim of every company and organization is to ensure the long-term performance of the organization / company.

The goals of talent and competence management are:


  • the „right“ persons

  • on the „right“ spot

  • at the „right“ time

  • in the „right“ amount  


The managementcube competence system forms the basis for talent and competence management [from planning through search, selection, integration to competence and management development].

The managementcube | competence system describes all company-relevant competences precisely [knowledge, skills, abilities, personality, knowledge, application / implementation, ...] that are required to achieve the company goals currently and in the future.



Our services


  • managementcube | competence system – Leadership/Management

  • managementcube | competence system – employees

  • managementcube | Digital competences


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Digital competences | competence diagnostics

managementcube | Test and assessment systems are tried-and-tested, high-quality online processes for application in selection, potential analysis, career development and success monitoring.


  • The evaluation of personality, ability and performance provides high quality answers to strengths | potential for improvement | deficits | limits

  • Industry-specific solutions guarantee an exact measurement of the relevant competences and ensure a precise nominal / actual comparison

  • 250 function groups review all requirement-specific competences

  • Protection against falsification in the statements

  • Company-specific individual solutions make managementcube your unique test system in personnel diagnostics

  • We would be happy to introduce you to the 6th generation of managementcube in a personal conversation


We would be happy to introduce you to the 6th generation of managementcube in a personal conversation [;; +43 1 310 65 80]


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