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Company Profile

The accurate selection of employees and managerial staff at all levels is the core competence of the Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftspsychologie und Organisationsdynamik [Society for Business Psychology and Organisational Dynamics].


"Our thoughts and actions have one goal" - your (worldwide) entrepreneurial success - and this has been the guiding principle of the Society for Business Psychology and Organisational Dynamics for more than 11111 days.


Top consulting and services in the areas of


• Management diagnostics

• Personnel and competence diagnostics

• Transformation | Change | Organisational dynamics

• Talent management


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Business Opportunities

"The right person, in the right place" ensures the long-term success of your company. Accurate selection is the key to achieving this.


managementcube | Personnel and Management Diagnostics


• 250 function groups are available to you worldwide and guarantee an exact measurement of relevant leadership, management, specialist and technical competences

• Industry-specific solutions ensure precise comparison of TARGET/ACTUAL status

• Measures to prevent falsification of assessments

• Company-specific individual solutions make managementcube your unique procedure in personnel diagnostics



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